• Hi!

    I'm Aaron.
  • I do chemistry.

  • I also do photography.

  • Check out my website!

I'm Aaron. I do science.more_vert

Research Summaries


I graduated with my Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from Iowa State University. I performed synthetic organic chemistry research in Dr. Levi Stanley's group, researching rhodium-catalyzed hydroacylation and conjugate addition conditions. I'm currently starting my PhD in Organic Chemistry at Texas A&M University with Dr. Kevin Burgess, working with the EKO process.

I have done other fun jobs.more_vert

Resume and other docs

I also have a degree!close

I'm interested in positions dealing with chemical or biomedical research. I also have experience with programming in several languages and worked as a TA for the Wine, Beer, and Spirits class at Iowa State University.

I like to code.more_vert

GitHub projects


I spent two years as a Computer Science student at Iowa State University and still enjoy programming. You can check out my homework and personal projects (including this website) on my GitHub.

I also like to take photos.more_vert

Photo Gallery


In my (sometimes rare) spare time, I enjoy taking photos and working in Photoshop. I love to take photos at night and capturing photos of people in natural settings.

Designing is fun too.more_vert

Design Portfolio


I spent a year and half in Iowa State's design program, designing all sorts of projects. I still do freelance design projects.

I write things on occasion.more_vert



I spend a good amount of time reading and occasionally writing about foreign policy, current affairs, science, or just things going on in my life.