Hi! I'm Aaron. I'm a chemistry student at Iowa State University. I currently do synthetic organic chemistry research in Dr. Levi Stanley's group. I'm currently researching rhodium-catalyzed hydroacylation and conjugate addition conditions.

As of spring 2016, I am a teaching assistant for the Wine, Beer, and Spirits class at Iowa State University.

I'm currently seeking internship and research opportunities in the chemical and medical fields. I'll be applying for graduate school in fall and winter of 2016/2017.

I spent two years as a Computer Science student at Iowa State University and still enjoy programming. You can see my homework and personal projects here on GitHub.

In my (sometimes rare) spare time, I enjoy taking photos and working in Photoshop. I love to take photos at night and capturing photos of people in natural settings.

I spent a year and half in Iowa State's design program, designing all sorts of projects. I still do freelance design projects.